The Dalles Carnegie Library
The Dalles Carnegie Library is a historic building located at the corner of Fourth and Washington Streets in The Dalles, Oregon, United States. It is one of the 2,509 libraries whose construction was funded by Andrew Carnegie. The construction grant of $10,000 was approved March 10, 1907, and it was dedicated as The Carnegie Library of The Dalles in September 1910. The building was used as the local public library until September, 1966. In 1967 the building was leased by The Dalles Art Club from the city and converted into an art center. In July 1997, the city deeded the building to the organization operating the center, which by then had been incorporated as The Dalles Art Association. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. The building is approximately 52 Ñ… 38 feet, with a 10 foot front foyer. It is neoclassical in style, and is constructed of brick with concrete foundation walls and window sills. There is a hip roof with built in gutter and decorative corbels under the eaves. Three chimneys are present on the east, south and west walls, although only the south one is still utilized, as the original fireplaces are no longer functional. The building remains much as it was when constructed, with extensive original woodwork, mill fir boards, a fireplace on the south wall upstairs, large windows, many of which can be seen to be glazed with the original glass by the imperfections, and the integrity of the exterior appearance is intact. Some minor modifications, including a small office, counter and kitchenette have been added in the southwest corner upstairs.