The Cybermohalla Hub
The Cybermohalla Hub in Ghevra develops sustainable construction solutions that not only consider environmental impact but also refer to social performance, architectural quality, and a small scale example that can be effectively transferred to other projects. The environmental agenda is addressed by four elements.

Integrated Structural System
For the Cybermohalla Hub architects Prof. Nikolaus Hirsch and Prof. Michel Müller in cooperation with engineer Prof. Engelsmann have developed a specific structural system. The building has an integrated structural system that combines load bearing elements and furniture elements to one structural system (timber panels in combination with a steel frame). In this new structural logic traditionally loose furniture such as shelves, cupboard, desks and chairs become part of an integral wall system. Due to this construction method the consumption of natural resources can be reduced in a significant way.

Natural Air Conditioning and Cooling
The climatic strategy for the Cybermohalla uses an advanced yet traditional philosophy of environmental planning: The building itself does the work. It interacts with the outdoors and uses natural effects to its advantage. In order to avoid negative environmental effects and the consumption of natural resources the Cybermohalla Hub will not use any AC or ventilator systems. 
Based on an examination of the airflow, the air speeds and temperatures in relation to the thermal loads a specific climate concept was developed. In combination with openeable windows a central shaft around the staircase will produce a thermal chimney effect that provides a natural air condition effect. The positions and types of air inlets and outlets regulate the Studio minc


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