The Copper Tower

The Copper Tower stands at the harbour gateway to Copenhagen and is the first building seen by passengers on the large ferries from Oslo and the Baltic countries when they arrive in the port. As a landmark, the building must be recognisable, and the Copper Tower is certainly that, with its characteristic round corners and shimmering colours which over time will acquire a patina of verdigris. The idea for the Copper Tower was originally part of the Dutch architect Adrian Geutze's plan for the whole Nordhavn area which Copenhagen Municipality approved in 2000.

The building is composed of two volumes of four and 16 floors, respectively, but thanks to the rounded corners, the two volumes are experienced as a single elastic form, with the tower appearing to grow out of the lower building.

The building has a base of light granite which is separated from the copper facades by a window strip.
Cladding of natural copper was chosen, which will acquire a patina quite rapidly due to its proximity to the sea. Shortly after construction, the flaming copper-red colour will turn a more subdued dark brown, afterwards gradually moving from brown to black. The facade will then begin to assume the characteristic verdigris copper colour. The time frame for the final patination will probably be several decades.

The Copper Tower houses the legal firm of Plesner. There are shops and a café on the building's ground floor, while the remainder of the building comprises the legal firm's head office. On the first floor is a three-storey tall atrium which forms the Copper Tower's central space, and which houses, amongst other things, a library. The tower’s facade is visible through the broad roof window. The reception area and meeting rooms are located on the 15th and 16th floors, respectively, allowing visitors to enjoy the view. From here, there is also access to a roof terrace with a view across the harbour. Access is via a rapid lift which provides a view of the city through a narrow vertical window strip in the western facade. A canteen and auditorium are located close to the lobby on the ground floor.


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