The Completion of the Canal-circle in Amsterdam

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The Completion of the Canal-circle in Amsterdam
The Completion of the Canal-circle in Amsterdam Essentials: Building new houses for current residents of social housing in the North part of Amsterdam. Then demolish current social housing. Build Metrorailways and underground roads. Subsequently canals can be digged and plots will be selled individually for all new canalhouses. The canal-circle in Amsterdam will finally be completed. Current situation: The Northern part of Amsterdam is hideous. There is an extreme contrast with the beautiful canals. Enough building grounds are avalailable and planning has started. However, the current masterplan is not visionary and does not utilize potential mutlifunctional technical oppurtunities. Aims: Improvement Qualy's and the image of North Amsterdam, create an economical boost, and create possibilities of a vast metro- and underground roads network. Therefore, an alternative plan: The plan is based on a new neighbourhood to be built in the northern part of the old Shell-site in the northern part of Amsterdam "Amsterdam Noord". A new neighbourhood called "Nieuwe Jordaan" should be realized in the north part of Overhoeks. Current inhabitants of North Amsterdam can move to this highly modernized "Nieuwe Jordaan". This seems harsh but is currently already occuring on a smaller scale when housingcooperations want to sell flats or modernize them. Residents of the current social housing in the southern part of Amsterdam-Noord will aslo find that the new neighbourhood has higher living standards as it has been build in the highly popular neo-classical style. The vacant land and a part of the water called the IJ can thus give way to the completion of Amsterdam's current canals-circle. The plan is extensively described in Dutch on and was published in a Dutch News paper called "Het Parool". Nota Bene: Underground structures will help develop the city center without transport restrictions. It would be very interesting to see how this effects Amsterdam. Conclusion Feasible because of the new "Jordaan" Now is the moment of catching up! Thank you very much.


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