The Coca Cola Plastic Bottle Pavilion

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The Coca Cola Plastic Bottle Pavilion
The cola-bow is a public art installation made out of more than 17.000 recycled plastic bottles, which were braided to create a shape inspired by the swings of the Coca-Cola logo. The bottles were collected by a joint initiative of universities around Beijing and Coca-Cola China to give citizencs a bottle of Coke for every 10 empty ones brought back to a recycling spot. The amount of collected plastic bottles ended up in an entrance conopy to the Student Beijing Design Exhibition. The installation should also serve as a statement against plastic pollution by taking trash and turning it into a shelter. A lot of things which are most convient to us are made out of plastic. A too small percentage of this plastic waste end up in recycling bins.To make matters worse, plastic is persistent in the environment where it can remain up to 450 years.

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