The Coast @ Sentosa Cove
Historically, water has been the center of civilizations. The Nile was the lifeblood to the Egyptians just like the Ganges was to the Indians. For these Ancients, water was not just a crucial part of everyday living, but also key to their religion, art and architecture. Situated on the longest coastal stretch of Sentosa Cove, Singapore, The Coast draws on this rich tradition of celebrating water. The architecture reflects not just the vital role of water, but which takes also for its inspiration, its meandering flow and reverberating form. Celebrating water and its movement gives a fitting identity to the Coast, because of its location, being surrounded by water and its historic roots as a landfill site, born out of water. The serpentine form of the Coast unfolds as one meanders along Ocean Drive, coming into view together with the panorama of the South China Sea. The gentle swerve of the built form, together with the rippling geometries of the landscape, draw from the prominent presence of the sea to create an environment that is specific and sensitive to the context. The curvilinear form inspired by ocean waves, allows for a maximum sea view for all apartment units. The building facades are composed of full-height glass sliding doors, deep balconies and planted ledges. The percolated effect interacts with the changing light condition of the internal and external environment to create a visual impact that is at once arresting and ethereal. The undulating shell-like roof lends the architecture a soft but evocative silhouette. The overall impression is that of a sanctum of tranquility, a pure and meditative environment. Imaginative use of water further enhances the interaction between architecture and nature. Reflecting pools and infinity edges along the site form seamless visual connections between public spaces and the sea. A cascading water feature serves as backdrop to the arrival porte cochere at the basement, creating a dramatic setting for the entrance. The distribution of water bodies around the apartment blocks suggest an imagery of sculptural vessels resting on a sheet of calm water, looking back onto the ever-changing tapestry of the ocean. Venture within each unit and one sees life from a bold new perspective. The Coast, with 249 apartment units, is the exclusive condominium in this premier residential enclave to feature views of both the panoramic vista of the South China Sea and the enchanting waterways of Sentosa Cove for all units. Living zones and bedrooms are placed along the façade to allow ample natural day lighting and natural ventilation. Generous outdoor balconies attempt to reinterpret the tropical verandah for multi unit dwellings. The livable space is expanded towards the sea, providing a transition space between the indoors and outdoors, whilst acting as sunshades against the hot tropical sun. Planter boxes integrated along the balcony edges bring greenery into the multi floor living environment. The Coast forms a prominent landmark on the horizon of the Sentosa Cove development. It brings together luxury, refinement, and a deep appreciation of the sea, to deliver a statement of class and poetry.


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