The Church of the Holy Family in Istres

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Modern original work but rooted in tradition. Imposing its strong identity in the fabric of the old center, she is nevertheless perfectly integrated in harmony and continuity, by modifying and restoring meaning to urban space in a city that always puts the human dimension at the heart of its development.

Contemporary Architecture refers to the novel for its simple and stripped forms and baroque to the oval dome. This is primarily an architecture of meaning and conviction.

The implementation of a strong symbolism is the main feature. It is part of the living tradition that became more discreet cathedral builders. It exposes the symbol in plan and section, in the treatment of light, and the choice of materials and colors.


CLIENT : The Diocesan Association of Aix and Arles of the Archbishop of Aix-en-Provence, with the Diocesan Commission of Sacred Art, the parish of the Holy Family in Istres and the association of the Holy Family.

BUDGET : 2 600 000 euros

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