The Canal Houses

On the banks of the Isefjord lie 27 unique single-family houses - each with canals right outside their windows. There are no back gardens here, but plenty of water and therefore also plenty of light, which glitters on the water surface and streams in through the windows.
The water is both visible and audible, thereby becoming a part of the life of the houses. Above the canals are the water patios, where you can sunbathe after a refreshing dip, fish, moor your boat or drink a glass of white wine while watching the sun go down over the fjord. Here you can really live life on the waterfront.

The houses are arranged like six battens projecting out into the fjord: six white housing elements which are sub-divided into units via a distinctive lantern motif, contrasting with the houses with their black timber-clad facades. The 'lanterns' protrude upwards and outwards, creating a two-storey-tall space within the homes.
We have chosen a simple selection of materials which, besides black-painted wood and white-rendered masonry, includes mahogany elements in the window assemblies and doorways.

Each home has an intimate and private courtyard garden and a south-facing water patio that seems to hover above the water. It is not just the terraces that seem to float – all of the houses are built on top of the jetties and appear to be suspended above the water. The wooden material, the lantern motif and the omnipresent element of water help to emphasise the maritime atmosphere.


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