The Brunswick House
The Brunswick House, known to almost all as The Brunny and sometimes advertised as Ye Olde Brunswick House, is a well known pub in Toronto. One of the oldest such establishments still in operation in Toronto, the Brunny was founded in 1876. Located at Bloor Street and Brunswick the Brunny has served different clienteles over the years. Originally the neighbourhood was a working class home to many new immigrants, and these were the main patrons. By the 1970s the Brunny had become mainly a student bar, with the University of Toronto being just a few blocks east, and the area known as the "student ghetto" surrounding the bar. The Brunny became widely known as one of Toronto's most famous and also most dubious drinking establishments. The front area consisted of pool tables and other games. The much larger back area had consisted of concrete floors with benches next to long wooden tables, which the bouncers would walk on top of to quickly reach the many fights. At the end of this hall was a low stage for dancing. The Brunny was known for its cheap beer. The only food served was $1.00 burritos sold by a short man in a sombrero who would travel through the hall selling them. One of the best known fixtures was "Rockin' Irene", an elderly woman who would perform old bar songs and raunchy tunes much to the delight of the drunk patrons. According to Eye Weekly in 1998-1999 alone there were 155 police visits to the location, and the Brunny was frequently penalized for being over capacity and selling drinks to minors. In 2004, however, the bar was brought under new management, and its interior and exterior were completely refurbished. The neighbourhood it was in had also changed. The Annex had become one of Toronto's wealthier areas, and the student areas were pushed south and east. The new Brunny hired a chef, and presents a full menu.