The Bread Museum
The relationship between the new and the existing was of essential concern in elaborating this project, situated in a 4000-inhabitants town in the South of Brazil. There is a time-span of one century between the construction of the old Colognese Mill and the two new buildings, housing the Bread Museum and the Baking Workshop. In its conception, the new was “contaminated` by the presence of the centenary construction, physically and symbolically: its materials, its structure, its craftsmanship, its relationship to the city. The resemblance between the restored timber and the new concrete, shaped by raw pine board formwork, will become more and more apparent with time. The distinctly urban scale of the two new volumes create a new framework for the old construction, symbolically and spatially speaking, thus reintegrating the dilapidated mill into this small town’s life. With the union of tradition and invention, museography and architecture arise simultaneously. The first exhibits are the old Mill itself, the museum and the school. Everything contributes as an artefact: the structure of the buildings, the way the light enters, the materials used, the timber walkways, the supports for the exhibits and, last but not least, the pieces on exhibition, collected from the region (old kitchen utensils, historic documents and photographs). In order to make the project happen, the Friends of the Taquari Valley Mills Association was founded in 2004, a few years after the miller’s death, when the mill had started to fall into decay. During the project, a hands-on restoration school was implanted on site, organized by IILA (Istituto Ítalo Latino Americano) with collaboration of the University of Caxias do Sul. The association and the architects envisage the gradual expansion of the project to mills of neighbouring towns to create the Route of the Taquari Valley Mills, aiming to make accessible the cultural and historic richness of the region to the public.


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