The Box

The Box was originally designed as a private dining and meeting room for a restaurant. The client then changed the program in order to attract the emerging technical industry that was developing in the area. An existing industrial warehouse was renovated to contain new office space. The Box, located on the roof of the office, became a private conference/meeting room and explores the process of inserting a new building into an existing structure. The Box serves as an identifiable architectural element or event along what was then a relatively non-descript boulevard.

Pragmatically the Box has three parts. The first is an almost cylindrical reception area that cuts through the roof of the existing one-story wood shed. Parts of the original truss system were left exposed inside the cylinder. The second is an exterior stair that leads to an intermediate roof deck that is supported by the exposed truss system below. The zone between the square deck and round roof is glazed allowing natural light to shine into the reception space below. A doorway located on the exterior stair and in between the 2nd and 3rd floors allows access from the existing structure to the Box addition. This space functions as a private 3rd floor conference room with corner views west to Century City and east to downtown Los Angeles.

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