The Boot
The Boot on Cromer Street is a pub in King's Cross, London.

The name is either derived from the wares of the leatherworkers who once worked in the area and would have frequented this pub or it may be a corruption of The Boat as a tributary of the River Fleet which once flowed nearby.

Literary associations
Charles Dickens was known to have drunk at The Boot, and the Pub is also featured in Dickens' story Barnaby Rudge. In Barnaby Rudge, Dickens describes The Boot as 'This Boot was a lone house of public entertainment, situated in the fields at the back of the Foundling Hospital; a very solitary spot at that period, and quite deserted after dark. The tavern stood at some distance from any high road, and was approachable only by a dark and narrow lane; so that Hugh was much surprised to find several people drinking there, and great merriment going on'. The landlord, Packie, is an interesting person, he has artefacts from Wembley, Lords and Croke Park in Dublin on the walls. You could sit there nursing your drink and next moment he plonks a plate of sandwiches in front of you. He has a detailed knowledge of Dickens. Kenneth Williams and his parents family lived in nearby Marchmont Street and he once mentioned The Boot and the characters that frequented in a TV chat show.