The Arch
The Arch is a 81-floor 231 meter (758 foot) tall skyscraper completed in 2006 located in the development centre of Union Square, Kowloon, Hong Kong. It is the third tallest residential building in Hong Kong. The Arch is consisted of 4 towers, Sun Tower, Star Tower, Moon Tower, and Sky Tower. The Star Tower is connected to the Moon Tower while the Sky Tower is connected to the Sun Tower, respectively. Also, the Sun and Moon Tower adjoin together at the 69th floor and the floors above onward to form an arch, hence the name "The Arch".

Location and Transportation

The Arch is located inside the new development centre Union Square in West Kowloon, Hong Kong. Along with it, there are three more residential projects for the Union Square among others, including commercial projects such as the International Commerce Centre. It is conveniently located close by Kowloon Station of the Airport Express; in fact, the entire development Union Square is actually surrounding the MTR Airport Express station. Because of this, there is fast access to Hong Kong Island and to the airport.

KMB (Bus)
There are 7 (KMB) bus routes to and from Kowloon Station/Union Square. Route 11 is to and from Diamond Hill Subway station, Route 203E to and from Choi Hung, Route 215X to and from Lam Tin Kwong Tin Estate, Route 259B to and from Tuen Men Pier Head, Route 270A to and from Sheung Shui, Route 281A to and from Kwong Yuen, and Route 8 to and from the Star Ferry Pier. Price varies from HK$3.2 to HK$13.0

Building Activity