Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Flower Mound

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Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Flower Mound

Opening its doors in April 2010, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Flower Mound features 103 patient beds, an emergency department and a wide range of services including services for women and children.  Part of a high-density town center development on a heavily wooded site, the design for the 185,000 square-foot facility expresses the balance between nature and culture. The design connects public and patient areas with “outdoor rooms” consisting of forest preservation parks, outdoor dining, courtyard and terrace. Architecture and landscaping provide soft, natural colors to create a rich yet relaxing atmosphere that is conducive to a more healing environment.


 A creative planning approach consistent with client-driven operational strategies was used to optimize the value of each space by creating flexible swing rooms between the emergency department, prep/recovery and PACU. A floor dedicated to labor/delivery, postpartum and a nursery provides a private sanctuary for patients.


 HKS teamed with the client to focus the project around the idea of “smart” healthcare design.  The premise is that by working as an integrated team that starts smart, designs smart and builds smart, a design could be developed that moves away from increasingly larger facilities, to a state-of-the-art community hospital that is more in tune with its environment, conserves land and resources, and is operationally efficient.  The challenge was to design a facility that creates the ideal customer experience, while on a tight site, with a relatively small budget.   Through a collaborative and integrated process, the project team designed and built a hospital that pushes the boundaries in care, efficiency, cost and experience.  Presbyterian Hospital Flower Mound is a prime example of a modern healthcare environment conceived responsively.


Accomplished through water conservation, energy efficiency, and responsible material usage and disposal, the facility is the first hospital in Flower Mound registered for LEED certification and a first for Texas Health Resources.


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