Tertiary Education Council Headquarters

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Tertiary Education Council Headquarters
The challenge: Provide a structure that with modern, state of the art and visually striking as the new Headquarters for this government Parastatal to house all its departments and functions within the stipulated tight budget. Our recommendations: The most important aspect of the building is that it is a "GREEN DESIGN", The entire design revolves around the concept of sustainable design mechanism put in place to save energy. The plan is based on a large institution split into smaller departments which becomes more manageable and resource efficient. All services are centrally located and the emergency escapes are within easy reach without compromising security. The concept revolved around preserving existing trees and using native plants in the landscaping and roof plants to reduce extent of landscaping , watering, fertilizer costs as well as minimize roof heat gain. The atrium has proved to be an essential energy saving element that provides passive cooling to minimise dependacy on mechanical ventilation and cooling equipment. The glazing used is solar shield and the orientation of the structure is such that it ffaces north-south, enabling the large south facing windows to heat the building in winter and increase natural light penetration. The courtyard provides cooling effect to the building while providing relief to its occupants. Water collection is imbedded in the design and not as an after-thought. Rain water collected is channeled into storage tanks to sustain vegetation cover. The covered parking /raised building is a demonstration of how we should design on tight plots by avoiding (expensive) basements that disturb natural landforms, provide shaded parking against the harsh summer sun and at the same time meeting parking requirements for the building. The front facade is a statement of modern architecture with concrete features finished in gamma zenith and adjustable aluminum sunscreen vertical louvre panels fixed to the frame. A concrete slab roof is utilized for the front faƧade covering the entrance atrium as a durable roofing option, it absorbs less heat and reduces cooling costs. For the two wings of the building, Perspex roofing is utilized to allow for natural light into internal atrium areas. The result: A very distinctive and unique building with all departments completed within budget. Architects Involved: Bwezani Banda; Robert Kudlacs


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