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Terrazzo Tile & Marble Association Of Canada TTMAC Toronto, Concord - The TTMAC was founded in 1944. It's mandate was to develop a method of standardizing terrazzo, tile and marble installation techniques, as well as being a technical resource and liaison for architects, specifiers, designers and engineers. TTMAC honours this commitment today as well as many other services and support of the hardsurface industry and its members. Tile Setter, Marble Setter, Stone Setters, Specifications, Standards, Testing & Tile Training Courses.

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1) Specifications & Guides for Tile, Marble, Stone.


a) Understanding the Basics of Terrazzo - Online.

b) Tile Installer Thin-Set Standards (ITS) Verification - Online.

c) Understanding the Basics of Ceramic Tile - Online.

d) Understanding the Basics of Natural Stone - Online. and

3) Upcoming Events. Tile Setters Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto.

TTMAC members are dedicated, hard-working individuals who have spent many hours and years to ensure that the integrity of the industry is preserved. Nothing can be more apparent of this fact than the accomplishments achieved and the recognition of involvement in the majority of construction projects across Canada. Much like the product it represents,

TTMAC stands for quality. Its membership is comprised of contractors and suppliers, who are closely scrutinized for experience, integrity and financial stability. The construction industry can be confident that those members belonging to the TTMAC are competent and experienced providers of products and services for the terrazzo, tile, marble and stone industry.