Terminal 2 Benito Juárez International Airport

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Terminal 2 Benito Juárez International Airport
The New Terminal 2 in Mexico City International Airport is part of the Metropolitan Airport System. It is a mega form with great presence in the city, the entrance gate to Mexico. The “partie” consists of a great circular patio, a great space covered and opened, a great hall to enter the terminal, the hotel and parking. The terminal has a “U” form with two finger, the north international and the south national. On ground level arrivals, on first floor departures and an intermediate, airplane level, fulfilling the required separation between departure and arrival passengers. The five star hotel is a roof garden type on top of the great patio with 305 rooms and high quality facilities. The megaform ends on a parking facility seven stories height for 2500 cars. The complex has 240,000 s.q.m. for 12 million passengers per year. It was built in only 28 months. The terminal is located in a zone which originally was part of the Texcoco lake. That’s the reason for having a very deep foundation, piles that go down 60 m. of ground level. The metal structure is covered with poured in place white chiseled concrete. The great patio is a metal structure with spans up to 85 m. This system avoided concrete slabs scaffolds and the columns of white chiseled concrete poured in place gives provide the resistance for earthquake loads. Parking is prestressed precast concrete structure. The facades are precast slabs 15 m. x 1.50 m. x 0.20 m., with holes 0.30 m. diameter in a square pattern 0.75 m. from center to center. The building is flooded with natural light through the precast facade and a glass roof, allowing a magnificent light with no thermal gain. All building is white, basically made of white chiseled concrete with the circular pattern. The false ceiling is made of gypsum board with the same pattern as the facade. Everything is white, only the floor are of black carpet or dark grey granite, giving a particular feeling to the space. It is a sustainable building, the water is treated, it has natural ventilation, except for the departure gate lounges that have air condition only up to 3 m. It also has a data center to control all the services, water, electricity, tv, data, etc. for this reason it has become a “state of the art terminal” in Latinamerica.


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