Teras Park Shopping Center
TERAS PARK SHOPPING CENTER, DENIZLI; TURKEY Teras Park Shopping Center is located at Yenisehir, the newly developing district of Denizli. The building is designed on a sloping land plot oriented to the city view. The land plot of the building is approximately 52.000 m², it has a total building area of 97.000 m², comprising hypermarket, shops, cinemas, cafes, food court and entertainment center. Most of the shopping centers are designed as introverted buildings detached from the environment as an outcome of the nature of shopping practice. The main objective of the design of the building is to integrate the building with the environmental context. The design concept of the building is originated from the natural terraces in Pamukkale located near Denizli. The various functions in the building are planned as terraces and steps by the utilization of the land’s slope. The existing 10 meters of level difference between the two sides of the land plot is utilized by opening entrances to the building on different levels. The entrances of the building is designed with respect to the context of the land plot and environment; an entrance is designed on the corner on the lower level, an entrance from the other corner on the upper level and an entrance from the side on the middle level. Hence, every floor is planned with a unique floor plan and comprised of different advantages. The shopping center is designed as an introverted building consisting retail units attached to the interior streets and atriums, at the same time the building is designed as extroverted with terraces and streets for the integration with the environment. The plan schema of the building is mainly composed of a central atrium and a secondary atrium connected to the main atrium. The secondary atrium is starting from the second floor as a result of the volume of the hypermarket at the lower floors. At the same time, this secondary atrium is oriented towards the entertainment and food court area. An ice-skating ring is located at the center of the main atrium which is planned to add dynamism to the interior space of the building. Special emphasis is given to the design of the skylights on the roof.


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