Imagine a tent system that can be used for a street fest context, as shelters for post tsunami needs or simply as a domestic tent. We played with the idea that the life cycle of a tent can be the core of its environmental capacity.

Our tent appears as a simple pyramid standing on thin legs. It covers an area of approximately 200 square feet and can be fully open and partially or fully enclosed on the sides to protect from wind or rain. It functions as a free standing structure or as a collection of single structures forming a village.
The name of our tent, Parachute, was retroactive to its design and came out of its resemblance to the Da Vinci invention. We also thought that the idea of a series of parachute landings on the urban context of the Bowery resonated nicely with the collection of actors that will make the Streetfest a collaborative neighborhood event. In a similar way we would encourage local and international artists and designers to make single pieces to the interior canopy of each tent, as a form of contemporary and temporary frescos.
On the outside the tent will be covered by a milky fabric used originally as winter camouflage and having the property to create a pleasant sun shade.


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