This project is conceived in 4 independent bodies joined together by suspended courts and bridges, there are 2 important axis that join to make a cross, conjuring up the human body and mind; The first and principal axis gives access and distribution to every Lofts's block, the second one is a kind of soul to the project, a space that is not reachable to users on its´ regular use, but is the essence itself of the project, since it invites to the reflection and passiveness by the look and feel of this unreachable area. As a visual attraction there is the elevator shift, finished in lined up limestone slices from the backstairs to all the floors of the set, the corridors and bridges are metal and concrete slabs with the look of plates suspended on the air and held only by their embedding on the elevator shift itself and its’ supporting bands that hang from the rest of the structure which contain the loft buildings, giving them a touch of lightness in the space surrounding them, breaking with the conventional and usually dark core of corridors that users generally neglect. This space generates a sensation of living in an artificial still alive forest, a kind of mirage located in the heart of one of the biggest cities’ of the world´s residential area. In the intersection of the axis that separates the 4 lofts’ blocks, we find the space of a small open lobby, with no walls containing it, and covered by a metallic structure with glass in the shape of dove wings, from where traffic revenue and the pedestrian access are controlled. There are 2 dry gardens of length of the whole project that both users and visitors can enjoy while at the entrance, lobby and even while at the following stories’ bridges, for they become a central attractive view from each of the lofts composing the development, 2 visual wooded filters separate the bodies and give them the richness of a wooded-and-more-residential space. Temp is conceived according to the actual social situation of its location. And it’s architectonical solution gives response to the actual needs, normativity and economical conditions of Mexico City, making useful each in2 of itself and its functionality sums up to the earned value of the properties contained in it. It´s space-related geometry allows to the characteristics of the ground area to be best useful, while it also becomes an architectonical work of art.


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