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Centro de Rehabilitacion Infantil Teleton Altamira, Tamaulipas Teleton is an Institution of asistance, whose main objective is to support the rehabilitation of the children with disabilities in Mexico. Provides medical, educational and psicological assistance, rehablitation and diagnosis services to handicaped children under 18 years, promoting their integration to society. We have made 14 buildings since 1998. Here we present one of the two we did last year. Is located in Altamira, in the state of Tamulipas, Mexico the 5,272m" complex is composed of 6 buildings intersected between them in a harmonic game of volums. We play here with the height of each biulding, color and open spaces. The main building is a curved gallery where all the others converged. This huge gallery 6 mts high is composed by organic forms and great big windows. When you walk through it you discover places and green areas within all the building. The landscape design was also very important because of the 50,000m2 holdig parking lots, plaza, fountains as well as big garden areas, sport courts and therapy gardens . There are 4 areas in rehabilitation that takes place in this special building. Diagnosis, therapy, administration and services. The use of color is a central part of our work, it compliments the visual expression of an idea, not only describes the form, texture and size, also adds an emotion. In the architecture of Sordo Madaleno we care a lot of the efects and use of colors. We use each color to enfatize, relax, please, motivate or add emotions like calm, joy, happiness, fullfilment and confidence, always thinking in our children. Light is also important in every space we create. To know, understand and fullfill the needs of our final client “ the children “ is a vital part of our work.

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