TCS New Delhi

A parallel to the edge of the lot and perpendicular to the existing building separating the urbanized areas from the surrounding countryside. On the north front, towards the access road, a cylindrical volume stands clear off the linear building.         Inside, there are collective spaces, characterized by a broad central volume. At the top of this volume small openings in the projecting ventilation tower provide overhead day lighting. A double skinned wall ensures a system of natural ventilation for the internal spaces for office use, while the more compact south walls have no apertures, and thus form a screen against the direct and strong sunlight.         A portico shaped space on the ground floor reveals the presence of a vast green area, also effective in abating overheating in the areas adjacent to the new building. Agra stone slabs are used for the exterior cladding, while floors are finished with a dark grey polished Kota stone.


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Building Activity