Tax Administration Office
TAX ADMINISTRATION BUILDING / GEMLIK, BURSA, TURKEY The building is located at Gemlik, Bursa which is the foremost industrially developed city of the region in Turkey. It has been sponsored by one of the leading steel producing firms of the country which has its main industrial production in this zone as well, hence the design has been driven by the publicity intents of the firm and the building has become an incentive exemplary among the existing pattern of the region which is in a well-known earthquake zone. The steel structure has been made legible, especially on the front entrance facade, for these considerable reasons. And concerning the fact that it is a small building of government facilities contributes to this approach of clarity and broadness. The building consists of a reinforced concrete structured basement, and a steel structured ground and an upper floor. The basement basically holds the technical areas whereas the other two floors enclose the public service units for tax payers. The roof terrace is a usable one where the employee could enjoy their breaks towards the broad sea view in this mild geographic climate. The geometric simplicity and unity accented by the facade claddings separate the building from its complex and non-uniform surrounding thus scarcely making it a landmark among the existing pattern despite its scale. With its pure and complete finishing details, it sets an achievable exemplary standart and a more civilised approach to the current building and construction progress in its peripheral region compared to the current inelaborate phase.


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