Tarsus Sev Primary School Campus

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Tarsus Sev Primary School Campus
Primary design principle of the Tarsus SEV Elementary School Campus is to consider the unity of the complex with the historical surroundings and to provide a unified perception of this new campus with the existing Tarsus American Highschool(TAC) in the adjacent plot. Pedestrianization of the street separating the two campuses, is an important scenario for their connection in the future; however at this stage, visual integrity is obtained with the proposed landscape design and the canopy + pergola, connecting the entrance axes of these two campuses. A vista is given to Saint Paul Church in the eastern angle of the campus, aiming to create a relationship with the surrounding historical texture. While classrooms are positioned according to the natural light coming from north, shady areas are created in the parts receiving the strong south light. In order to receive maximum benefit from solar energy and to use it for the heating system of the school, solar panels are proposed on the south facing roofs of the classrooms. Common area in the middle of the campus is the meeting point for the students and is designed as wide as possible within the limits of the school’s programme. Library positioned at the core of this open area is emphasizing the ‘connecting’ and ‘separating’ feature of the block and the importance of the library for the school’s programme. Solar shading louvres on the façade of the library and in the corridors of classrooms, aim to create micro-climatic effect, while bringing dynamism to the facades. Inner gardens designed between the classrooms enable an optimum air circulation. These can act as outdoor recreation areas in the breaks, and/or be used as work+study areas during the lessons. Green play areas, roof of the library, green hill which the library sits on, green ramp leading to conference and sports centre, the vegetal façade at the interface of the campus and the city in the northeast are the complementary elements of the ecological approach embraced in the project.


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