Tarbiyat street

Coordinates: 38°04′34.78″N 46°17′36.08″E / 38.0763278°N 46.2933556°E / 38.0763278; 46.2933556

Tarbiyat is a pedestrian street in center of Tabriz. It was built during the Pahlavi Dynasty (the first Pahlavi) and named in memory of Tabriz's mayor Mohammad Ali Khan-e Tarbiyat, who was responsible for the modernization project of Tabriz. The land was originally part of the residential complex belonging to Qajar-Batmanghelich (Shah-e-Nimrouz, the commander of the military forces stationed in Northwestern Iran) which was expropriated by Reza shah shortly after his coup against Ahmad Shah Qajar in 1925. During Mr. Darvish Zadeh's period (the Tabriz Mayor from 1993 until 1997) this street was closed for cars and rebuilt as a pedestrian street.

This street is currently part of a shopping center in Tabriz which includes a small part of the Tabriz Bazar, known as Shishe Gar Khane. Modern shopping malls in Tabriz include: Shekh Safi, Shams-e Tabrizi, Molana, and some more. The street has a special architecture. Nowadays it is used as a major shopping center for clothing, shoes and other fashionable items. The street is one of the busiest pedestrian ways in Tabriz' city center.

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