Tararua Wind Farm
The Tararua Wind Farm is a wind farm owned and operated by TrustPower. It is located on 700 hectares (7.0 km 2) of farm land on the Tararua Ranges of New Zealand. It has become New Zealand's largest capacity wind farm with a total capacity of 160MW. The wind farm was first commissioned in 1999 and has been upgraded twice since. The most recent addition was commissioned in September 2007. The wind farm consists of 134 turbines of two different types:
  • 103 Vestas V47 turbines, each rated at 660 kW with three 23.5 metre long blades. Each turbine is mounted on a 40 metre high steel lattice tower.
  • 31 Vestas V90-3MW turbines, each rated at 3MW with three 45 metre long blades.