TAP Premium Lounge
The Premium lounge that TAP- Portuguese Aerial Transport – inaugurated recently in Lisbon airport, integrates the program of image refreshment, in terms of their corporative standards, as well as the development of products and services. Under a chromatic point of view, our strategy began with the use of green and red colours belonging to the new TAP logo, materialized in the furniture line. The intervention aimed for a concept of dematerialization and liberation of a residual space derived from the past airport construction. The project is characterized by an important luminic intervention; by the introduction of green as an organic element; and by a more fluid and less conventional distribution of the program, moulding its void with the sculptural presence of enclosured volumes. All of these volumes have a interior and exterior function, in a way that sets up a certain order, using the less number of visual and/or physical barriers. The conceptual aesthetics of Premium Lounge urges upon a circular expression, integrated in a specific way throughout the space. Circles and oval forms are cut-out from the ceiling to then incline upwards or downwards. These inclined surfaces are used for luminic functions and atmosphere treatment. The lounge access (to the ground floor) is through a corridor with special lighting components and is revested with glass panels. The corridor, besides its particular lighting aspects and the three surfaces in glass, is a reinterpretation of the access gates that serve the airplanes. In this area, there´s a reception, toilets, cupboard, catering area and a private area for VIP. The entire space is divided into two floors because of its pre-existing characteristics. The ceilings are attached by an oblique surface fulfilled with audiovisual projection. The access to the first floor is done by a wide staircase, belonging to this floor two living areas and a computer cluster for public use.


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