Tallinn City Hall

How do you imagine a public institution in a 21st century participatory democracy?

How do you create a public symbol without invoking outdated representations of power and authority?

How do you create a public meeting space in a rapidly expanding city where the center gravitates in many directions?

Good govemance and participatory democracy are dependent on transparency in both directions. It requires adequate political overview of the problems. demands and desires of the public, as well as public insight into the political processes. The new town hall of Tallinn will provide this two way transparency in a very literal way. The various public departments form a porous canopy above the public service marketplace allowing both daylight and view to permeate the structure. The public servants won&rsquo:t be remote administrators making decisions behind thick walls, but will be visible in their daily work from all over the marketplace via the light wells and courtyards. From outside, the panoramic windows allow the citizens to see their city at work. In reverse the public servants will be able to look out toward the marketplace making sure that the city and its citizens are never out of sight nor out of mind.

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