Taller de Arquitectura in Paris

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Taller de Arquitectura in Paris

A conversion scheme for an old building to transform it into the new headquarters of the Taller de Arquitectura in Paris. Originally constructed to house the editorial offices of a Paris newspaper, it was later converted into a theatre. The spacious interior of the cubic volume was remodeled to obtain 900 sqm of floor area distributed over four floors and laid out around a landscaped interior courtyard. The work spaces on these four levels have been divided into sectors according to activity: reception and design. The suspended floors accommodate all the cable and wiring of the computerized office, in addition to giving acoustic insulation. The interior design, with its use of glass partitions, contribute to enhance the spaciousness of the working environment. The built-in cupboards of stained wood with metal details store the office’s drawings and other documents. All of furniture was designed by RBTA.


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