Tall Emblem Structure of Dubai zaabel Park

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Tall Emblem Structure of Dubai zaabel Park
Tall Emblem Structure of Dubai Za'abeel Park Let 1001 dreams flying into Dubai’s fresh air They sometimes converge like cloud floating in the air Sometimes they liberate like sprinkle falling out of the sky They merge into the silky sky with the depression While they emit the brilliant light with the excitement They obsess with chasing playing together under the sun Also they enjoy in maverick walking alone in the night They vanish into the dense forest while resting with peace Woke up again, no one knows their whereabouts What can it be? 1.Composed of 1001 units with different sizes; 2.By achieving different kinds of technologies, every unit has floating abilities. Each single individual could function as café, dining room, rest room, meditation hall, etc; while they could be united together as a larger one on special occasions. The smallest ones, with flexible internal facilities, are capable of perception, energy collection, and information transmission. 3.All individuals could be precisely docked by three-corner electromagnetic control, bringing in unlimited combinations. LED?located on the bottom? rendering the whole image of the city. 4.Regardless of floating status or landed off on the terminal strut on the ground, the building minimizes the occupation and the destruction of the park, as well as changes in the shadow of the ground. 5.Fiber optic cable position and transmit energies, which collected and transformed from natural resources, such as solar, wind, heat and rain. 6.To meet economic and social factors, the project could be flexibly implemented in phases. 7.Recyclable, transferable, and reusable. Possibilities of Unit Combination 1.Possibilities of unit combination 2.Deformable membrane wall (which may need to be adjusted according to the functional shape and rigidity) 3.Solar and wind power systems 4.Electronic controlled diaphragm wall (through Terminal Control regulation transparency) 5.Floating system and function modules (can transform space function)


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