Talatal Ghar

Coordinates: 26°57′58″N 94°37′29″E / 26.9660605°N 94.624648°E / 26.9660605; 94.624648

Talatal Ghar or the Kareng Ghar (meaning the royal palace in Assamese) is located in Rangpur, one of the erstwhile capitals of the Ahom kingdom. This capital was first established by the Swargadeo Rudra Singha in 1707. It is located in the western part of the Sibsagar town.

The multi-storied palace, Talatal Ghar, was built by Swargadeo Rajeswar Singha.

Rajeswar Singha added three underground stories known as Talatal Ghar made of brick and an indigenous type of cement to the four storied Kareng Ghar (or palace) built by Rudra Singha and his other sons. The Talatal Ghar had two secret underground tunnels connected to the Dikhow river and the Garhgaon Palace for use as an escape route in case of any enemy attack.

Visitors nowadays can only view the ground floor and first floor and some of remaining portion of the 2nd and 3rd floor of the palace. The underground stories have been sealed and many of the wooden structure of the palace has vanished with time. The palace was surrounded by a brick fortification and also by an earthen fort (Garh) with dikes filled with water. There is a Khar Ghar or gun-powder and ammunition store near the palace.

  • View of the Talatal Ghar

  • View from the top floor of Talatal Ghar

  • View of a staircase inside the Talatal Ghar palace

  • Terrace of Talatal Ghar


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