Taiwan Tower competition proposal

Design proposal provides a bulding for publik use.

Taiwan Tower will be near the Taichung Gateway Park.Total area is 10 000 sqm.

Freestanding tower,400 m high, with sightseeing and recreation function.

Solary energy and wind power are incorporerated into the design.

taiwan Tower, The Museum of Taichung City Development ,Offices for the Department of urban development , Taichung City Goverment constitute the same building.

project also servs as an environmental monitoring station and green building demostration,

acsessible to the public.

the space function of the building is flexible and changeable.

Top levels of taiwan tower establish an observation area for the publik to view landscape, and as well provide restaurants with 4000 sqm.

The environmental quality monitoring center is a highly functioned and tecnologikal spaceplanned

to be conducted,based an requirements of the futureusers and related equipment .


Building Activity