Taipei Chung-yin Cultural And Creative Centre, Taiwan

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Taipei Chung-Yin Cultural and Creative Centre Given the leading role of arts and culture in Taipei’s society, the proposed Cultural and Creative Centre aims to become an iconic landmark representative of the city’s progressive thinking. Located in the north of Taipei city, the site neighbors the Shuangxi River and the Yangmingshan National Park, in close proximity to the National Palace Museum. With over 70,000 m2, the Cultural and Creative Centre will provide highly innovative facilities for the creative industries. The scheme features three main functions: Exhibition galleries, a film centre and supporting residential accommodation for the artists. An internal loop connects the three areas, both horizontally and vertically, assisting the occupants and visitors to easily reach their desired destination. Taking advantage of its beautiful natural environment and convenient location, the Chung-Yin Cultural and Creative Centre will serve as an urban oasis where landscape, cultural life and architecture entwine. The design respects and maximizes the natural landscape, using it to define different zones through selected vegetation. To enhance the public space, a public plaza and a riverside park are introduced along with an amphitheatre, a jetty path, a motorcycle loop, floating gardens and green roofs. In order to encourage interaction between different activities and provide flexibility for future changes in function, modular boxes were chosen as the basic architectural element. The boxes stack on top of each other with junctions and penetrations at selected locations. This stacking method provides large shaded areas and natural ventilation for the buildings, providing a much desired cooling appropriate to subtropical climate.


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