Taipan White House
Taipan White House Designing a modern house in Indonesia is quite challenging. A classic-mock house is much more popular to show social achievement. However, these architects could convince the owner to have a modern house. The site of the house set on a residential complex in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. This 860 meter sq. site, slightly slope on a 20 meter wide front side. Using cut and fill technique to create basement behind the slope. The simplicity and emptiness of the site become the basic inspiration of the architects to start designing and translated as LESS does MORE, and also simple & yet complex avoided excessive appearance. A clean lines modern house stands out as a sculptural among classical dominated houses. The owner, an Indonesian Taipan is a keen collector of sport car required a new house. The client's brief was clear: a dwelling with a swimming pool in inner yard plus a garage to store his nine sportscars and five Harley Davidson motorcycles collection. Architects specially laid precious collection in a garage that can be seen from his bedroom, homeoffice, pool and massage-cube through clear glass walls. The owner’s wife who adores white colour, was convinced that she had found the right architects to make her dream come true. Glass, wood and granite feature prominently in this private residential as consequent to optimise interior design. The adoration to white colour inspired architects to use white dominating colour throughout the house. On the other hand the architects introduced a modern architecture with introvert lay out to maintain owner’s privacy. Zoning system has been used to separating private and service area, each has abundance room and function. These made the house timeless, tranquil and spacious. Since the house has a complex function, circulation became an important thought. The house has been designed as two-block of cubes. Front block represents a foyer, guestroom and guest bedroom, living, dining, a pantry, one kitchen, service area and a garage. The private block, 90 cm higher laid on back as private area, composed of home office & a theatre, a gym facing to the pool, kids activity room, two-kidsbedrooms and an en suite master bedroom. A massage cube and a bunker as a hiding place laid in inner court. Corridor used to connect within private area. Open pathway connected two different zone. Ramp used as vertical circulation. This residence won Skala+ annual national Award 2008 (finalist for architectural design, the only one in Surabaya) and also appeared as a cover and headline story in national architectural magazine LARAS, November 2008 Edition in Indonesia. Since the completion and publication of this house, the architects have received substantial attention. A lot of people who have been invited to come and experienced the house love this building. They had a lot of enquiries following on from their work on it. The greatest endorsement is that the architects are now working on 2 another residential projects for the Taipan/client who commissioned this project.


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