Taichung Metropolitan Opera House

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Taichung Metropolitan Opera House

This project for the Taichung Metropolitan Opera House was selected in an international competition held in 2005 and is progressing through final stages of design toward realization.

The site is located in what will become the heart of Taichung City’s redevelopment district. Included facilities of the complex will be three theater spaces; the “Grand Theater” with 2009 seats, the “Playhouse” with 800 seats and the “Black Box” with 200 seats together forming a center of international performing arts, an “Art Plaza” shopping center with restaurants and cafes, and the park-like landscape.

To fulfill the requirements of this project, we proposed a system called the “Emerging Grid,” or generative grid organize the whole out of the constituent parts This is a topological grid system in which 2-dimensional plans plotted according to the programs and functions of each floor are developed into a space with a continuous 3-dimensional curved surface.

By developing this system, the internal space including the three halls finds a form like the continuum of  a cave, and stimulates the connection between visitor and artist.

The pattern from the inside plan expands into the outside landscape, and networks of water and green eryassimi late with the building, integrating relationships between the interior and exterior.


23 photos and 8 drawings