Tabacco Factory in Kanfanar
Perfect harmony between natural and human creation was realized with the factory project in Kanfanar. On one side there are the production, technology and size of the object, on the other side natural environment and the town of Kanfanar. The factory was built step-like on a slope in such a way that its height stays on the same level as the natural horizon. This way the natural environment continues to prevail in the ambience. Apart from its terraced construction, the object has a clear relationship to its natural environment and the design of its front. The optical effects of the front's changeability have been achieved through the composition of a number of surfaces of different sizes that change constantly while moving around the construction. For the design of the factory the architect looked for inspiration in his personal experience in the past and works with the architect Vjenceslav Richter. We are talking about visual reasearch conducted by the group EXAT51 of the international movement NEW TENDENCIES, but looking even further in the past, the Palazzo dei diamanti in Ferrara by architect Piagio Rossetti (1493). It was these experiences that helped to decide to build the front out of cement spiral-shaped panels, which are partially painted on one side and partially on the other side. While moving along such a surface, an optical effect of change is created through the play of light and shadow. The factory complex consists of the production part, the administration building, the boiler room and green areas. Considering that the terrain is a slope, the production halls have been conceptualized cascade-like on the outside, on three levels.


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