Taanah Sak

The landmark orientation marked this house setting, which sits on the south side where a dome runs through all that side and lets the light get into the hallways and the circulations of the house. The public and private spaces are oriented toward the garden.

The access level is composed by an axis parallel to the south façade that projects its self into an access vestibule getting to the service area of the party lounge and swimming pool. These two are arranged on an open floor overlooking the garden and connected to it by a portico of six columns and a translucent glass curtain. At the first level the public area extends through the terrace where the water mirror marks the continuity of the dome and sets evidence of its sculptural intention, which in combination with a piece of art, gives sense and warmth to the triple height. At the second level, two parallel rectangular volumes with different heights provide the space required for the private area of the house.

The correct handling of lattices and different textures on the walls give scale and character to the spaces of the project.

Building Activity

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