T-shadower, ephemeral beach canopy

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Project: Ephemeral beach canopy for the Hellenic Beach Volley championship
Location: Strofilia Beach, Borough of Skillounta, County of Helia, Greece

The beach shadower is an ephemeral structure built on the beach of Strofilia (west coast of Peloponese). The structure provided sun protection for the audience of the Hellenic Beach Volley Championship. The concept of the structure was technique-driven exploiting the capacities of the ruled surface process leading to a dynamic form, inspired by the dynamicity of the coast natural elements(sand dunes, sea waves, wind). The ruled surface technique was selected because it allows for simplification of construction as well as form freedom. In addition it was possible to instruct the local constructor with a spreadsheet providing only the location and inclination of the rule – axes. The wooden cladding was a repetitive process.

The design constraints were strict: use cheap and available materials, use construction techniques as simple as possible and use of very low budget.

The construction materials were steel galvanized tubes and wood. The metal tubes created the axes of the ruled surface and the wood its fill. The wooden surfaces were assembled leaving 6 cm gaps between each wood slice for better air circulation. The construction took place on site and lasted 3 days.


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