T House

T house / Sou Fujimoto

Architects: Sou Fujimoto Architects
Location: Gunma, Japan
Principal Use: Residence
Project Year: 2005
Structure material: Wood
Site Area: 144.47 sqm
Constructed Area: 90.82 sqm
Photographer: Daici Ano & Sou Fujimoto

Intoned Open-Plan: Architecture of “Distance”
Site is within a calm residential suburb in Maebashi, Gunma, JAPAN. Being a housing 
for a family of four, this is also a place to display contemporary artworks, 
clients collection.

Basically it is a one-room house. Though the plan is quite unique, being radially 
intonated, or bent, at several points. From the bent point are walls stretched 
towards the center of the architecture. Each spaces created between these walls 
have, thus, different depths and different extent of relation to other spaces. A 
wide range of diverse qualities of the spaces, such as composure, privacy and so 
on, are obtained.
Convoluted Cavern, Drawn with One Stroke
This house could be described as a primitive housing.

Tracing its history, creating architecture is none other than producing various 
disntance. For instance, a private room is a situation where the distance is long 
or solid, to be separated. On the contrary, being distant yet connected generates 
the expanse of a space. What we suggest here is, a new but primitive, simple 
architecture, which embraces diverse feeling of distance within its intoned shape.
Garden of Relationship

The house might be similar to alleys and Japanese garden. That is, steppingstones 
are usually placed at those alleyways, and the scenery keeps changing while one 
stepping across by the stones. Each one step renews relationship of things around. 
Wandering the garden and alleys, stopping here and there- experience there has a 
lot in common with those that can be gained in the house.


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