T&G Restaurant
King's new suit. After couple of bussy years in the restaurant design of Budapest , some places are reborned with a new face, gave us a good theme to talk about. Attila F. Kovacs redesigned the beloved T&G restaurant his own colorfull design to an elegant slick -slightly dark atmosphere. The new design of the TG restaurant is an elegant mixture of the Palm Springs concrete wall structure and the sinister mood light fixtures of Ipe Cavalli . Reduced colors the black -brown- purple and grey moved the interior from an eclectic interior to a decadent , ironic place. .A bizarr painting of two naked young girls (twins) playing with an endless snake, right above the red couch is even more relevant in the new design concept. The super size mirror is dominates the lounge together with painting .The mirror is framed with pillow shaped mirror pieces. The new custom made ceilinglamp is a mirror disc with hidden light. Just right above the bar counter there are Sigma L lamps decorated with Swarowsky Crystals The wallcarpet is changed for animalfuir mozaik , turned the spaces more mysterious. The black chandelliers above the round tables , like a super sonic space jellyfishes floating in the air just right above the heads. The new underground space ,the entrance of the restrooms is called " Toilet Lounge" by the designer . The strange liquid mirror space with a chorome effect curtain, is furnished with the life size black plush bear for relaxing and to reminding us for the soft dictature of the BIG BEAR in an ironic way.


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