The Synagogue of Trieste (Italian: Tempio Israelitico di Trieste) is a Jewish house of worship located in Trieste, northern Italy.


It was built between 1908 and 1912, and bears the brilliant hallmark of Christian architects Ruggero and Arduino Berlam. The Temple was unveiled in 1912 in the presence of city authorities, and it replaced the four smaller Synagogues that previously existed.

The synagogue was closed in 1942 following the instigation of the Race laws under the Fascist regime. As soon as the war finished the synagogue went back into operation. Today it is recognised as one of the largest and most important place of worship for Jews in Europe.

Architectural style

Different architectural styles have successfully blended into this building, whose essence is represented by four powerful marble pillars supporting an imposing central dome.

The style has been described as follows:

Building Activity

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