Synagogue and School Münstersche Straße

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Synagogue and School Münstersche Straße

Family- and cultural centre “in the former electric power transformer station` The 1922-founded building was designed for the BEWAG-forerunner “Elektrizitätswerk Südwest AG`. Its use as a voltage transformer station and later as a laboratory for street illumination has nothing in common with today´s aim of use. The building was bought by a Jewish foundation in 2004 and is now being rebuilt and provided to the Jewish-orthodox society “Chabad Lubawitsch` for the next 99 years. The cladding remains mostly the way it is, simply a representative entrance will be established to the side of the street. The former transformer hall is altered into the orthodox synagogue and the basement is set up for a traditional Jewish ritual bath. The three-storey building houses this synagogue that can accommodate 250 people, a social hall, a library, an educational center, a kosher restaurant, a multimedia center, a rabbinical training seminary; a youth lounge, the mikva and a Judaica store. The center itself is open to people of any relegious or ethnic background. Inspiration in stone and wooden organic forms gives the spiritual opening as the entrée. The ensemble of dark wood furniture contrasts with the stone wall behind, a copy oft he Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. In the synagogue room contrasts the smooth panelling of the walls with the horizontal bands of walnut. The gallery at the rear of the room and the Torah shrine at the front have a similar shape and seem to flow out of the walls. Even the inposing columns in the center of the room have been incorporated into this visual language. The wood gives the room a dignified solidity. Daylight enters the synagogue hall through an oval window of heaven. Directly behind the existing building of the Family Center the yewish traditional school of Chabad Lubawitsch Berlin will be erected. The four-storey-building will provide space for twelve classes, a kindergarten, a library, and a gym for sports and festivities. The outer appearance of the building adopts the style of the interior of the synagogue. Curved, organic shapes dominate the floorplans, horizontal ribbons trimmed with canellures, and irregularly positioned lit vertical stripes the facades. The cladding will be dark blue glazed clay whose tinting already symbolically appears in the entrance of the Family Center.


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