Brief planning history: 2001 August, Outline planning application for Swainson submitted. 2003 January, Outline application granted planning consent. 2003 May, Full plans application for Morris House submitted. 2004 September, Reserved matters for Issigonis House submitted. 2005 April, Full plans application for Morris granted planning consent. 2005 April, Reserved matters for Issigonis House approved. Swainson Road is a 100% affordable housing/live work scheme including Morris House, a refurbishment of an existing warehouse providing 41no residential flats for shared ownership (11 3-beds and 30-2beds), with parking and B1 use on the ground floor; Issigonis House is a new-build development comprising 1no. retail store, 9no. B1 units (2278m2), 129 1-bed. duplex live/work units. The units are predominantly shared ownership in tenure, and the contract value totalled approximately £25m. Context. This development consists of Issigonis House, a new-build live/work scheme, and Morris House which is a residential refurbishment of a former Morris Minor parts distribution warehouse. Morris House retains the existing external envelope of the former warehouse, and the first floor slab. New apartments were placed within the envelope of the existing shell, set back from the existing structure to create a free standing building within a building. Issigonis House consists of live/work units which sit above street level on a podium (above a retail store, B1 units and parking). This accommodation creates three communal garden areas surveilled by the live/work units full height glazing and balconies. The duplex live/work units are accessed by external gallery walkways and staircores. They are all dual aspect with upper level mezzanines forming the work area and lower levels providing living space. The location of the supermarket was allowed for in our design, although we had no involvement in its elevational treatment. This conversion and new-build scheme redevelops a former brownfield site in a former employment use zone. External Appearance. Morris House is constructed from a steel frame with lightweight cladding and infill. Cedar, Cembonit cladding and yellow aluminium cladding create a bright new building behind the existing façade, celebrating the contrast between these very different buildings. Reglit louvers maintain privacy and mellow the brightly coloured panels to the low key terrace behind whilst allowing light into the external rooms that have been created between the new and old elements of the building. Issigonis House is characterised by two distinct elements; to the South, the façade is articulated in perforated aluminium panels while the remainder of the West elevation uses three random cladding modules; terracotta panels, curtain wall glazing, and composite stone cladding panels. The courtyard elevations are softened with timber boarding and ship-lapped cembonit. Common themes such as cladding and colours unite these buildings with a similar architectural vocabulary. Response to Site. Issigonis House’s main building has dual East and West aspects, while the adjoining blocks have large South facing windows, with smaller North facing ones to maximise Solar Gain and minimise heat loss; all living spaces have generous amounts of natural daylighting; all units are dual aspect allowing natural cross ventilation. Sustainability. Issigonis and Morris House both formed part of the Ecohomes assessment carried out under Ecohomes guidelines 2005 and achieved a rating of ‘Good’. BRE assessed Issigonis House as a residential development although it was a live/work scheme. High credits were achieved for high efficiency gas condensing combination boilers. The building fabric’s thermal performance demonstrates the U-value calculations achieved 12.86% improvement on Part L1. Description of any private/public outdoor space: Communal Amenity for all residents, including a childrens’’ play area, is provided by three, first floor external courtyards at Issigonis House. Private amenity is provided to each unit at Morris House with at least one external terrace between the new and existing structure. Most of the units at Issigonis House have private balconies, and first floor units have large private terraces facing onto the communal courtyards. Car parking and travel. Transport links to the site are excellent, and a city car club encourages car sharing for residents. A Green Travel Plan was prepared for the residents and cycle storage is provided throughout. Creating Safe Environments. This scheme was developed in close liason with the Secured By Design officer. The Housing Association have also set up a management office at ground floor. Accessibility. The live/work units are generous in size and their open plan layout allows flexibility in its use enabling occupation in a variety of ways throughout someone’s lifetime.


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