Suzhou Shopping Courtyard
The project is located in Suzhou Industrial New Park.Our design would create a new type of commercial circumstances on the existing texture of Suzhou City on the basis of inheriting its traditions while accepting the philosophy that city development should be respected. Our initial design idea came from analysis of the existing city layout of the Suzhou lanes that are composed of residences in a way similar to cell structure with different functional forms. The outside protective structures form the negative spaces of yards, patios and alleyways. These negative spaces define the borders of blocks and form public gathering places, which result in the specific cultural characters of the place. After analyzing the situations of the existing plot, we decide to adopt the methods in our design of disassembling integrity into pieces, multifold-axe introduction and mass turning. Typology is used in the designing of the four different functions of shops, restaurants/bars, clubs/entertainments and kindergarten, with a minimum cell of 9 X 7.2 meters, which defines their basic formation manner while reserves different development possibilities for different uses , while keeping as many frontage cells as possible. The extension of the exterior walls of the architecture and the frontage length will be extended into the largest exhibition surface for commercial purposes. Our finalized design has different sizes and scales in space, while the cells composed of different plots have the same origin typologically. Thus, the dialectic relations of interiority and exteriority of the common cells of Suzhou’s traditional blocks are inherited here, forming the starting point of the reconstruction, instead of the simplified imitation of traditional manners of white walls and gray tiles. As far as the exterior wall system is concerned, the double-exterior coating design will have a clear logic division functionally and ecologically. The differences of commercial masses set in a large surrounding of residences will make them more characterized and integral. Umbrageous metal nets will be used for exterior coatings of the exteriors and partially placed in front of air-conditioner holders for coverage purpose. And what is more, it will provide the whole elevation with a character of interior constringency and enclosure. Different from exterior elevations, the expression of the elevation facing interior yards will be vivid and with more open topics. Being a vessel containing activities and a wall-background full of sensibilities, the design of courtyards in the plans can be boasted as the most and diversified task for us. By opening and closing of the bounding walls by users in future and by applying different bounding materials and in different ways, a courtyard may be either become a mini public plazza or a completely closed internal yard with service functions so as to satisfy users’ possible demands for conversion in future.


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