Sutton Common BT Tower
Sutton Common BT Tower is a radio tower built of reinforced concrete at Macclesfield, Cheshire, England. It is one of the few communication towers in the United Kingdom built of reinforced concrete. It is part of the 1960s 'backbone' network, relaying signals to Heaton Park in the north and Pye Green to the south. Sutton Common is notable because of it was originally conceived as part of the 1950s 'Backbone' chain designed to provide the UK and NATO with survivable comms during nuclear war. it can been seen from miles around a couple of years ago ago building a wind farm near there was considered but wasn't able to happen due to interference that may have been caused by the wind turbines to the radio waves

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Frequency KW Service 96.4 MHz 0.24 Signal 1 106.9 MHz 0.15 Silk FM Block Frequency KW Platform Operator 12C 227.360 0.20 MXR Digital North West 12D 229.072 0.50 UTV-Bauer Digital Stoke-on-Trent


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