Sun Dial - Reloj de Sol
The project „Sun dial - Reloj de sol'' is imagined to be a STRUCTURED HOME project, adapted to the lifestyle of people, this region and climate, designed to continue the story of an unusual space, in all it's dimensions – the past, present and future, -while innovatively using solar and wind energies and wanting to provide a feeling of happy living to it's users. The investor company and the architect have accordingly tried to create a home in a multi apartment building in which the inhabitant will live in synchronicity with nature and other people, and allow them to create their own space. The project tries to comprehend the diversity from the Split city perspective, as it can be spoken as motto: ''THE RIGHT'' TO THE MEDITERRANNEAN. In combination with the body of the building, solar and wind power, the given structure creates a form of urban environment that connects the area of Split. The architecture of the building is sustaining the concept of INDIVIDUALITY and is trying to understand and respond to the mental sensibility of the people in Split. By complementing methods of sociology, urbanism and architecture, an own – holistic, ''THIRD STRUCTURE METHOD'' has been introduced. Before designing the project, different studies have been made – FACADE ANALYSIS of the main street and the SPATIAL ANALYSIS of the neighborhood. A questionnaire was made among users of this space regarding their relationship with the surroundings they live in- we concluded there was a negative mental attitude and a longing for “warm, recognizable spaces.` In prior researches, we recognized a special concept called „APARTMENT STYLE OF SPLIT“, that implies: - open and interconnected living room, the kitchen and dining room for socializing and playing cards. - The kitchen is directly vented – the window also provides a view outside while one is cooking. The kitchen is „open type design“ - In the living room is a special space to read the famous local newspaper while sipping a cup of coffee. - The loggia is planned to be an open space where one can enjoy the view while sipping coffee and breathing fresh air. - An important space is the one for drying clothes (''the right'' to dry your clothes outside) from the washing machine, located outside on the sun, a small space as a rebellion against the unpopular drying machine. - An absolute must - small space, wherever possible - to put flowers inside a traditional clay pot (''the right'' to have flowers in a pot). The research done has provided information about the most required apartment proportions- those are 40 m2 to 65 m2. This project provides so called MONOSPACES inside apartments- spaces with no walls. The above mentioned has been followed with APARTMENT SCENARIOS: These scenarios provide simulated possibilities for every kind of apartment. A team for apartment customization has been formed. THE BUILDING WAS DESIGNED using creative waves to exploit it's expression to the utmost. It uses creative ways to exploit helioplastics, light dynamics (again provided for with solar energy) and ventilation shaft locations to bring it’s expression to the utmost. SUN DIAL - RELOJ DE SOL is on the southeast corner of the building. The habit of looking on the watch – a sun dial clock is a habit and a heritage of people in the Mediterranean. This sun dial is visible from the whole street. All the major city dates are marked out. A LIGHT SCULPTURE IN THE NIGHT, and the ''SAILS'' in the day, is on the northern facade, an installation shaft was designed as sails which, by night, are illuminated with LED lights and they all become a light sculpture that illuminates the nearby street. GREETINGS BY THE SUN: ''GOOD MORNING TO YOU SPLIT'' is on the eastern facade. It glares in the early morning and shuts down when the sun lights the nearby sundial. POLICHROMY - The color scheme reflects the colors of Mediterranean herbs. The main divided volume of the building is also in accordance with the overall color scheme. The colors are in accordance of the sun’s intensity during the day. COMUNICATION CORNER was established - To achieve greater spatial coherency, located on an important crossing between the sundial, street and the “sun greeting` FREE ENERGY is included in the architectural concept by exploitation – sun and wind - to the maximum. The wind is used to provide natural ventilation for air conditioning shafts. THE DYNAMICS OF LIGHT EXCHANGE ON THE FACADE is happening during day and night time, the dynamics of the sun dial and the sun greetings are substituted with colors. During night time light sculpture comes to life. ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY AND DESIGN - This new and unique approach in creating new values has been recognized by the authorities, financial institutions and, most importantly, the market itself. This building is a handicap accessible building, with all of it's health and safety standards brought to the highest level. With symbolically strong architecture that sustains individualization, there was a divergence from the norm. Raising the consciousness about one's own living area through participation and education in the design process, there is yet to be a great influence on the quality of living at the collective level. The right to be different and individual provides equality on all levels. Thanks to the building's reinforced concrete skeletal structure, it was possible to bring to life a new concept of SPACE CUSTOMIZATION. Clients – future inhabitants are actively designing their own spaces according to their lifestyle. A poll was made to provide feedback for this approach. We concluded that a positive and recognizable image of the whole neighborhood was formed. This method shall be replicated in all future projects.


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