summer resort at kefalonia
Summer Resort in Kefalonia, Greece. The commission demands the creation of a summer resort at the island of Kefalonia, that will house 40 residential apartments and public facilities such as living room, swimming pool, bar, restaurant etc. The distinction between private and public is one of the main characteristics of the program as these separate but interrelated sections need to be redefined both functionally and conceptually. Following Manet and “Le dejeuner sur l’ herbe` the design tries to establish a relationship between holiday and nature. Nature will not be a watching scene but instead a playground of pleasure –as pleasure defines holiday. Architecture has to be the canvas where people can experience natural beauty through a design strategy that encourages interaction with physical environment. A system of stoned walls organizes the landscape by creating barriers and courts that form a kind of infrastructure. The shape of the walls tries to leave untouched the existing trees like a moving snake. Perpendicular walls are added to form the apartments and its private courts. Therefore two different facades are formed- a continuous line that separates the interior with the exterior and a protected backyard that fulfils private fantasies. A folded roof covers them while its animated form allows for natural light and ventilation. The roof creates also loft-like apartments at the second floor where privileged views to the sea are possible. The folded structure is the primary element of the public facilities pavilion. A change in scale of the folds creates an envelope which houses common life in contradiction with private isolation. The pavilion merges literal into the landscape as the concrete slabs touch the ground and make its roof accessible to the public. Completion is planned for 2011


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