Suginami Performing Arts Centre

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Suginami Performing Arts Centre

In the beginning of 2005, we won the design competition for a theater complex in Suginami, Tokyo, a project centering on a few small theaters and a civic hall.

In consideration for the surrounding environment, the majority of the facility is positioned below ground in the basement. On the ground level, small theaters encased in steel and seating 240 to 300 people emerge, resembling a playhouse.The hall on the ground floor is a 9 by 9 meter square in plan and rises 9 meters in height to the “bridge,” to accommodate a variety of plays.

The complex curved surface of the roof obtained by intersecting and uniting a series of cylinders and oblique cones, is built out of a combination steel and concrete structural system. 300 round windows, each 300 mm in diameter, are set into this surface randomly. The “closed theater” was designed deliberately to avoid unwanted external noises from the street.

Following the competition, we began monthly meetings with advisors like producers, stage directors and technical experts who specialize in plays, in addition to theater designers, in order to discuss operation policies and the overall character of the theater.

At the same time, meetings for dialogue with the local residents were held and the design was gradually finalized.


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