Sugar Town

Place: HCMC District 4 Client: Khanh Hoi Sugar Company Use: Shopping, Office, Residential, Public Space Size: GFA 72.000 M2 Height 110 Meter Building Costs: 82 Mio USD, Service: Design Concept In cooperation with NQH architects Winning Project of an International Architectural Competition Design Idea No 1 : The image of your company three Sugar Cubes and a Sugar Cane Field The Design idea is based on the product of the client and shows the process from raw material – Sugar Canes – to create Sugar with water. The Architectural form of this Project is the combination of these three elements. It shows a modern, significant composition of buildings and creates landmark in this area which contributes to the aesthetic Architecture of Ho Chi Minh city. Design Idea No 2 Traditional high-rise Buildings (‘Vertical Cities’) are mono-functional Towers in mono-functional city parts. This design offers low spatial experience. Only the ground floor is open to the public. This causes a inefficient circulation flow and a lack of social communication. New High Rise Buildings (‘ horizontal cities’) allow all functions on all levels. They are connected, with public services and green space Urban Context Future Skyline of Ho Chi Minh City The next ten years will see tremendous change in Ho Chi Minh City. By documenting the buildings that are currently under construction or approved for construction by city authorities, the drawing shows how the skyline of HCMC will change. sugar town will provide a memorable beacon on this interesting new skyline. memorable Landmark The creation of unique and memorable places in a city is very important. The sugar town has the opportunity to create spectacular spaces for both the occupants and the public. The whole project will have a strong relation serving as a link for 4 important city parts. Each cube connects another part of the city. open the Riverfront to the public District 4 there is a lack of public parks. The Harmony tower offers direct access to these public green areas and add commercial and entertainment facilities for the urban visitors. It will be a center of multiple activities and a meeting point for local and international people


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