Sugam Chasma Ghar
Over hundred years since the British Raj laid RCC station road in Anand it remained hub of the city flooded with shoppers. Even after the city pioneered India to highest milk producing nation in the world, this street continued to refuse shift of business to new spawnky malls in the city. Sugam Chasma Ghar is one such brand having long standing repute of 60 years as optician. Somehow I had an intimate relation with the eyewear because from childhood my eyes had poor vision. This intimacy gave indepth focus on the details of trading of eyeware. The task was a very difficult execution phased into parts underneath a building under construction keeping the exisiting sales area undisturbed. The client being supplier of optical instruments and participant to major trade fairs in the world from Milan to Tokyo aimed to house global brands here in the new outlet. The site for new showroom is partially visible from the road as the existing shop is adjacent to the footpath which the client wanted to retain. The challenge to stand-out design in the context of a narrow lane and unrecoginsed buildings around is streamlined on Existence, Expansion, Expressive and Evocative criteria. These were interwined to clarity of space and function having many fold flexiblility. Making the façade noticiable from the road firmly roots the existence of a six decade of business. The space is expanded by use of mutiple layering of glass from the exterior to inside allowing complete accessibility to the shop without direction from the pavements. This expansion and transperancy is made simple and clear much the way it is desired for the vision of eye being the sole purpose of eyewear integated as a performance of clarity. Inside the space the lightining and the panel details corresponding to the counter scale and placement evoke senses and joy of buying something precious for the eyes. We designed modest functional layout with complete transperency through use of 12mm toughned glass as divider to each segment for greater life and manuvering for future need. The cursor of optical diagonisis is made key graphic representation on the vitrified grey floor in continuation with the vertical glass screen empathetically adding wider persective to the area. Waiting and display are organised in the front zone distinctively demarketed by counter design for regular and branded products. Fitting room, pantry, contact lense and refraction zone are clearly seperates from the manager’s office at the farthest corner to individual need. Antropometrics and human movements with adaptability to the use by the staff and the visitors are studied for quiet sometime and after various alternatives the plan was freezed successfully to the delight anticipated. White false ceiling with recessed lights is and element of cloud to the entire floor space in order of lightness along with the virtually flooting glass screens below. Orientation of cassette aircondition in the centre uniformly allows flow of air in the entire showroom is a means of energy reduction. Big glass façade towards roadside minimise use of artificial light over and above close proximity with the surrounding due to reflection. Moods of daylight and weather helps promote various occasion due to clear glass changing the whole environment into many folds during the day and the night. Focus is on the two side panels in veneer projecting the display in a bold magnetic perception. The sliding display panels and the spectacle stand in the graphical play of niche are made out of acrylic, customised after multiple inhouse workshop experimentation. The idea is to virtually make the stands vanish now adapted by other retailers in the country. All accessories, stock, lenses, liquids, covers and cases, literature are neatly organised behind the sliding panel giving ease of operation and utility. The usually unwanted display to the customer is made pleasant by such arrangment. These panel walls interplay of niches keeping the same scale and proportion is harmoniously binding the customer without interruption a pleasure to choose. In a landmark small city on a historical road amongst the ageing neighbours firm re-establishment of family business is represented to the ambition of the owner and delight of the users modestly in tune with the context today aspired for tommorrow.


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